Law Firm Argues That Wyndham Violates Antitrust Laws

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M&N Law asks Federal Judge to Issue Injunction Against Wyndham

PR Newswire
by Waugh Grant PLLC 
July 1st 2021

ORLANDO, Fla.July 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This week, Christian W. Waugh (“Christian”) of Waugh Grant PLLC, argued before a federal judge in Tampa, Florida, on behalf of Montgomery and Newcomb, LLC (“M&N Law”), that the largest group of timeshare companies in America, Wyndham, is violating America’s antitrust laws by pursuing sham litigation against lawyers like M&N Law who represent timeshare owners. M&N Law is a law firm that assists timeshare owners who are unhappy with their timeshares.

M&N Law is not alone in its litigation with Wyndham. Dozens of other lawyers are being sued by Wyndham and other timeshare companies for their representation of timeshare owners.

Because Wyndham has such a large market share, and its biggest competitors, such as Bluegreen, Diamond, and Westgate, are pursuing the same kind of sham litigation, its lawsuits decrease competition and deprive timeshare owners of much-needed legal representation. M&N Law has filed a counterclaim against Wyndham for violating the Clayton Antitrust Act. If M&N Law is successful, it may be awarded treble damages as well as injunctive relief against Wyndham.

“Wyndham may be frustrated that so many of its clients want to get out of their timeshare obligations, but they are not legally entitled to take that frustration out on lawyers acting in good faith to represent those timeshare owners,” said Waugh.

The attorneys at M&N Law recognize the problems their timeshare owner clients have because their clients often feel they weren’t fully informed when they purchased a timeshare. Speaking of this, M. Scott Montgomery (“Montgomery”), an attorney at M&N Law, said, “…Based on my conversations with M&N Law’s clients, it is my understanding that Plaintiffs fail to disclose to prospective timeshare buyers during the sales process that the value of Plaintiffs’ timeshares almost certainly and precipitously drop immediately after their initial purchase, and that it is likely that they could have purchased the same timeshare for one dollar on eBay.”

In going before a federal judge tomorrow in Tampa, it is Waugh’s goal to protect lawyers from sham litigation brought by multi-billion dollar timeshare companies who have banded together to keep timeshare owners from having proper legal representation.

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